YOU DESPERATELY NEED THIS INFO... If You're Someone Who Seriously Wants An Extra Source of Income in  in the FASTEST Way Possible - AND - You're Fed Up With Trying to FIGURE OUT What Business You Can Do on Your Own And You Desire Someone to show PRACTICALLY How to Apply the Proven Principles of Making Money Online WITHOUT Wasting Your Time, Energy And Money!



One-On-One Group Coaching During The Easter Public Holidays Reveal...


How To Create A "Second" Income Business That Pumps In N450,000 Per Month That You've Always Wanted...

Using Just An Internet Connection, Loose Cash Of About N50,000 Without A Staff Or Working Crazy Hours!




Bank A + Bank B + Bank C Total Income Total For December 2013


Bank A GTbank December 2013 Total = N919,269

Bank B GTbank December 2013 Total = N565,659

Bank C Firstbank December 2013 Total = N399,727


Total Income in December, 2013 only

31 days  = N1,884,147



Here are Screenshots from my Infinix Alpha Phone showing

various SMS Alerts of these Income Deposits Payments and

my GTBank online banking screen of Bank B From This Business!






I WANT To Walk You Through My Exact Blueprint 
For Taking My 1 Employee Business To =N=1 Million

Monthly In a 3-Day Easter Internet Business Bootcamp!



WARNING: The letter below will shock you because you haven’t seen anything quite like it.


Dear Friend,


If you have ever wished you could hire someone to SHOW You PRACTICALLY how

to convert N50,000+ into a "Second Income" that keeps on producing an extra N350,000 - N500,000 (and even more) MONTHLY for you in the Fastest way...


...possible with peace of mind, this is going to be a very interesting piece of material for you to read.


First of all, my name is "Onome Maureen" & because I helped Tayo Adenuga  when he was having money problems, he affectionately refers to me as "Nigeria's No. ONE Female Internet Business Coach".


Not only by him but by hundreds of others. That is what I'm called and I have no intention of denying it. 


Here's the entire agenda of this letter:


 You Have 4 FREE "Money-Making" Online Business Gifts Worth N537,100 Reserved...

For You - All I Ask In Return Is A
Chance To Meet With You In A

3-Day PRACTICAL Internet Business Bootcamp During The Easter Public Holidays!


What Others Say…

“I made my first N271,188 on the internet, thanks to your coaching.

I couldn't believe it! It really strengthened me to know that the future is bright after this meeting.."

Adekunle Kazeem,Ile-Ife,


“Dear madam, I want to say a BIG thank you for this business. As a starter who has tried several times to make money online I finally got my break.

You can't imagine the wonderful feeling I had when I  went from N5,000 online to N30,000 in extra profits last month! It was a 6X increase in my internet income"


Onyejaju Franklin







For Starters, Here's a Small sample of What You Get:


1. The "Hobby Income Formula" Money-Making Gift here (Opens in a new window)


2. The "Blogging Cash System" Money-Making Gift here  (Opens in a new window)


3. The "Mini-Website Design Video Training" Money-Making Gift here 




Why Would I give these Gifts to You in a CD?


To clear the air, I can't give these Gifts to the thousands of people reading this right now. I'm making 20 sets of these CDs available only to people who would be available in the during the Easter Public Holidays on April 18th, 19th and 21st, 2014 to meet with me LIVE!


Of course if you can travel from wherever city you may be... if you are serious enough to improve your income drastically and...


You don't mind me showing PRACTICALLY My Exact Blueprint For Taking My

1-Employee Business To =N=1 Million Monthly In a 3-Day Easter Internet Business Bootcamp!



Back To The Question:


Why Would I Give You These Gifts "Guaranteed" to Make An Extra N350,000- N500,000 Monthly For You Absolutely FREE?


It's for two simple reasons:



Number 1: It's in line with my company's "Trillionet Resources Ltd"...




Our company's mission is simple:


1st: To help 100,000 Nigerians to make their first N100,000 online

2nd: To help 10,000 Nigerians to FINALLY fire their boss

3rd: To help 1,000 Nigerians make 6 figures a Month

4th: To help 100 Nigerians become Internet Millionaires

I know these goals are kind of big for now and seem almost "unthinkable" and impossible BUT we have already starting achieving it. For example...



I Have Helped Other Nigerians Just Like You Rake

In A Collective =N=1.7 MILLION Naira  From Their Internet Businesses


No, I'm not just talking off my head. It's the plain TRUTH.


Click Here To See How I Paid Over =N=1.7 Million Naira To Other

Nigerian Internet Business People!

(Opens In A New Page Showing Bank Deposits and Email Alerts)



And that is why I want to give you those FOUR "Money-Making" online business Gifts worth N537,100 in a CD directly into your hands between April 18th - 21st, 2014.


In summary, I want to help you make more money in excess of N350,000 - N500,000 per month. No experience needed.


The only requirement is you have a strong passion to succeed, you have access to a computer with an internet connection...


...or you can use a cyber cafe and can raise a loose N50,000 starting capital...


Lastly, you have the ability to follow simple instructions. That's all





What Others Say…


"The result I have gotten from your training is totally different from any other and for the first time I have made money online.


This is the only system I see where someone will build a website for you, give tutorials on how to promote your site and teach how to build subscriber list for future marketing".


Mark Irabor

President, TopHealthTalk






Who Else Is Having Money Problems?

These days it seems like you can't read a newspaper or turn on the radio or television without hearing over and over again about how bad it the economy is, not only because it's so DIFFICULT...for a graduate to get a decent paying JOB, but even for those who have one there's always the fear of losing it any minute.


For instance, here're some Recent Headlines:




Listen: It's getting much harder and harder to live off your monthly income (for those that have one anyway) and it Will Get Even WORSE. That's not my prayer but it's the economy!


And if you've got friends or visit family, you can't even you go out for a drink or chat without them telling you all about how bad it is and how worried they are about the whole thing. 


For instance, it's already getting harder for you to send money home to your old mother as you would have loved's getting more difficult to make ends meet and feed yourself and even help out your younger ones who have no-one but you...


It's time to STOP buying provision and foodstuffs on credit from the woman at the kiosk in your neighbourhood. It's TIME to make up your mind and say "If they don't give me a job, I'll CREATE one!"


As a matter of fact, there's this job you can create WITHOUT experience whatsoever and its done using the advantage of the internet. It's called the Information Products Online Business. (I'll tell you more about this in your email when you fill the form on the next page here)



Here's another Recent Headline:



Don’t laugh; many people have big problems, but have no intention of listening to
suggestions (even from experts) or
doing enough of what’s necessary to solve them. But I believe that's NOT you. You wouldn't be reading this if it were.


Until now, you were forced to try out all manner of businesses or part-time jobs which didn't work because you hoped it was a REAL business - the one in which you make a consistent income from Day-by-Day, Month-by-Month and Year-by-Year.


And no one has been open enough to show you what Really WORKS.
No one, that is, until now!


And that brings me to my FINAL reason why

I want to give You my 4 Money-Making Gifts in a CD

"Guaranteed" to make an extra N350,000- N500,000

monthly For You Absolutely Free:



Number 2: I Want to Meet with You in a

3-Day PRACTICAL Internet Business Bootcamp During The Easter Public Holidays On

The 18th, 19th & 21st, 2014 LIVE!


You Can TRAVEL To Collect Your

FREE CD There!



I really don't feel like talking about me but I have to... because of some genuinely concerned people who are TIRED of the "me-too, I'm a guru and I make money online too" syndromes we see everyday and everywhere on the internet, newspapers, fliers etc but who want only the TRUTH.


I Make Money Via The Internet! PERIOD.


I Want to Show You PRACTICALLY for 3-Full Days

How To Do The Same! PERIOD.


Think for a moment, if I can pay other Nigerians in their internet businesses over

=N=1.7 Million Naira, then how much do I make per month?


Let's get practical to how I achieve this, I mean how I'm able to pull in a 7 figure per month income such that in February 2013, I gave =N=1 Million Naira to God in my church. You can see proofs here and here (opens in a new window).


Now in the month of July last year when I wrote this letter, here's a small sample of my July, June income statements here. 85% of that money is pure profit.


How do I do this?

I invest good money to build my online business. Infact, few weeks ago I spent $800 in ONE day to advertise it on Facebook. Here's a screenshot of my facebook account as at the time I already spent $654 in ONE day in one of my adverts:




Okay, enough about me. I won’t really dwell too much on who I am because this letter is really not about me…

It's About You…


You see, in a few weeks time precisely during the Easter Public Holidays on the

18th - 21st April, 2014, I will be sharing with 30 Nigerians How I started a Legitimate information products business with just N50,000 and how I turned it into a Multi-Million Naira business empire and How You Can Too!
I WILL be transferring all I know to You so that you too can get deposit alerts into your bank account making anything from N350,000 - N500,000 (and even more) per month!


So if you are interested in getting my 4 "Making Money Online" Business CD worth N537,100 for FREE and don't mind meeting with me at, then I invite you to register your interest below so I can send an I.V across to you:



3-Day Intensive Practical

 Internet Business LIVE

Money-Making Training Bootcamp

(Strictly On Invitation)


Fill The Form Below To Get An I.V To Find Out More About This

3-Day LIVE Internet Business Bootcamp And Grab Your FREE CD

of The "Hobby Income Formula", "Blogging Cash Formula" etc

Online Business SECOND INCOME KITS as seen here and here and here


Just pop in your name and best email into the form below and click the big grey
"Reserve My CD" button below to register and get full details about the 3-Day Bootcamp.



Your email will not be shared with anyone.


Of course if you don't like those GIFTS, you can unsubscribe at anytime.

We respect your email privacy



When You Fill the Form above, You Will Also Receive Information on:


- What the information products business really is!


- Why information sells online and how you can tap into the goldmine by creating your own information products in 30 minutes or less... without writing!


- How I turned N50,000 into N450,000 and then into One Million Naira within a short period of time!


- The 3 best-selling information products you should create to make you hundreds of thousands of Naira online!


- How to get buyers to buy LOTS of your products for 100% profits!

- A DIRT CHEAP way of setting up an online business that will start pouring in cash for you in a few weeks!

- How to Set Up A Website that will Make You Money On A Daily Basis…as simple as ABC

- And much more!



You will be pleasantly impressed with the value of information you will be getting in few moments from now in your email.



See you inside!


Best regards,

Onome Maureen



P.S. I'm ONLY giving the CD containing my 4 FREE "Money-Making" Online Business Gifts Worth N537,100 to EVERYONE who wants to have that Private meeting with me but only at this event.


P.S. S. Our facility can only take 30 people and so seating is Limited. Register immediately by filling the form above so you can PLAN to meet with me.




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